A Few Quick Tips to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Premiums

A Few Quick Tips to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Premiums

Many people think that it is not easy to find cheap car insurance policies and they may settle with an expensive coverage after getting couple of quotes. It may take an hour or two of your time but you will be able to find affordable policies unless you have a terrible driving record, DUI or you are a teenager or insuring a teen driver as listed driver. Here are a few tips to help you find the best deal.

Make Sure You Get All the Discounts You are Qualified

Vehicle insurance companies offer quite a few discounts for various reasons. You may think that your driving records and claim history is the only thing they are taking into account. However, they will have a close look at everything to do with you, your address, the car insured and even your marital status. For example, married people and homeowners can get better deals than single people and renters. Make sure to fill the quote form carefully and completely so that you don’t miss on discounts.

Improve Your Credit History

One of the factors that affect your premiums is your credit score. Each company has different level of discounts. If you have an excellent credit score you should look for companies that offer you the highest discounts for good credit. In the opposite case, you should try to find companies that are not much interested in your financial position. The difference between the highest and  lowest quote can be as much as twenty percent just because of the way each company look at credit score.

See If You Can Qualify for Profession Related Discounts

Some companies offer extra discounts for certain professions, members of associations and military personnel. You can even get discounts for being a graduate of certain universities. You can quickly check if there are such discounts available to you. You can also get discounts for being a member of one of the roadside recovery services.

Shop Online for Lower Rates

A few automobile insurers offer lower rates for motorists who buy their policies online. This discount could be between 5 and 10%. Getting a few quotes on the internet and comparing them can save you money as well. Each company comes up with a different quote. When you ask them to quote on the same coverage bases it will not be too hard to compare them and see who is the cheapest.

See If Increasing Deductibles Will Result In Lower Premium

You should look at increasing deductibles before you even start dropping some coverage in order to get cheap automobile insurance. The savings you get should be sufficient enough to agree paying more out of pocket in case there is a claim. Also, you should make sure you can cover the deductibles should you have to make a claim.

Try to Pay the Premium in Full

Most companies charge for spreading the premium payment. Therefore, you should try to avoid those additional costs by paying the premium at the start. And some companies may offer around 5% discount for full payment. Remember to ask for it as well.

Bundle Your Policies

When you find a competitive insurer it may be a good idea to get a quote from them for your other insurance policies as well. In addition, a few companies offer discounts when you bundle your policies with them.