Bicycle loan of Bilbon Bizi increased by 24% in 2016, with a total of 345,015 loans

13 Aug

The current fleet of Bilbon Bizi is 260 vehicles and it is expected that during the course of this year electric bicycles will be incorporated.

The municipal service Bilbon Bizi carried out last year 2016 a total of 345,015 bicycle loans, with an average of 972 daily, which is 24% more than in 2015, in which 277,744 loans were made with an average of 785 a day, as announced by the Councilor for Mobility and Sustainability of the Bilbao City Council, Alfonso Gil.

As of December 31, 2016, the municipal service Bilbon Bizi had registered a total of 15,623 people using the automatic bicycle loan, which operates in the Biscayan capital since 2011. In addition, 2,283 more people registered as new users of the service.

Currently, the fleet of the municipal service Bilbon Bizi consists of a total of 260 bicycles and during the course of this year, as announced by the Councilor for Mobility and Sustainability of the Bilbao City Council, Alfonso Gil, “the incorporation into the fleet of electric bicycles, because we are still committed to sustainable mobility, to electrification, to cyclability and to making the bicycle a regular and accessible means of transport for all citizens “.

At the end of 2016, the Mobility and Sustainability Area increased the fleet with one hundred new bicycles, with the novelty that the rear wheel is anti-puncture. In order to increase the fleet, an investment of 52,000 euros was made and the acquisition of the new units was supported and subsidized by the EVE, through the Aid for Investments in Transport and Efficient Mobility Program.

In addition, two new collection and return points were launched last year, which added to the 29 already existing. These two new points are located in the Plaza Corazón de María and in the upper part of Avenida Sabino Arana.


Of the 31 points, the one located in Plaza Arriaga is the one with the most loans (38,577) and returns (48,817) registered throughout the year.

Since the entry into operation of Bilbon Bizi in 2011, more or less stable patterns have been maintained regarding the profile of the users, days and times of increased use of the service and other indicators.

Thus, the slots with the highest number of loans and refunds remain between 12.00 and 16.00, and between 5 and 8.00, respectively. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days of the week in which the service is most used, and the months of October, May, and June have registered the highest number of loans.

With these data, Gil said, it could be concluded that Bilbon Bizi, works in total 355 days a year since during the Aste Nagusia service is suspended, it is used more as a means of transport and not as much as leisure.


Regarding the profile of Bilbon Bizi users, 70.2% are male (with a total of 242,216 uses) and 29.8% are female (102,787 uses). Another data indicates that most of the loans, a total of 326,788, have been made by persons registered in the Biscayan capital, while 16,791 loans have been made by persons registered outside of Bilbao.

By age, 2,683 trips have been made by people who are over 75 years old, while those who are under 18 have made 625. People aged between 30 and 44 are the ones who use the loan service the most. bicycles (the minimum age to register for the service is 16 years).

Gil has indicated that the collection of a minimum annual fee has served to “purge” the database of users, since those who were registered but not using Bilbon Bizi, have finally opted to cancel the registration to not pay for a service that they did not really use. In this way, only the people who are registered are those who actually use the service.

The Mobility and Sustainability Area manages an Eco-Totem which, by means of a sensor, counts the number of bicycles that pass in front of the town hall each day. With this system, you can see the use that is made of the Bidegorri and the total number of bicycles that pass daily and the accumulated in the year, since it records the date, time and number of bicycles that enter the Casco Viejo and the of those that leave towards Deusto.

In addition, the Bilbon Bizi App for free download and usable in both Basque and Spanish, allows you to check the availability of bikes and anchors at each loan and return point.