Minnesota And Payday Loans. Yours may be illegal!

Minnesota And Payday Loans. Yours may be illegal!

If I offered you a payday loan in Minnesota and told you the interest rate would be 1369% would you take it out?

Many people have through a company named Integrity Advance LLC.

The Star Tribune reported on 06/01/2013 that Minnesota state officials have been investigating this company and have found they have been charging interest rates far above what Minnesota allows for payday loans. Some as high as 1369%!

With a track record of having clientele that are usually already desperate for money, you would think a company like this would be there to help the less fortunate, not totally take advantage of them.

With the ease of getting money online, people need to be especially vigilant in making sure they understand what they are getting into when dealing with these companies.

Why would anyone do this?

Most people who use payday loans are people who can not get regular credit at a bank or credit union. They use payday loans because you do not need to have good credit to get the money,

All you need is proof of a checking account and a job that pays at least $800.00 a month. Now days with the internet you can get up to $1500.00 deposited into your checking account over night.

The speed of being able to get the money seems to deaden many peoples senses, and they do not pay close enough attention to what they are getting into.

Be careful and be smart!

The best protection you can have against these loan sharks is to steer completely clear of them! When times of desperation should hit find any way possible to not use these kinds of lenders.

If you absolutely have to use them do it the only smart way. Borrow ONLY the amount you KNOW you can pay back IN FULL on your FIRST due date, period! This of course is after you find the lowest possible interest and fee charge available, and after you have read everything twice!

This is really the only smart way to ever do business with payday loan companies.


When confronted by the state of Minnesota investigators, this company lied and said the had not been doing any business in Minnesota. Then they changed their story and admitted they had made at least 1269 online loans that were above the states allowable limit for interest charges.

Perfect evidence that these guys can not be trusted, and one must be aware of this before they regret it.

Be wise and make smart choices, and if you have by chance gotten yourself in trouble with payday loan debt give us a call at 1-877-280-5100

I hope this information helps you in your financial choices! If you have any comments or questions please leave them below! We would love to hear from you!