What Does Your Health Insurance Policy Cover?

What Does Your Health Insurance Policy Cover?

When we take out health insurance, many of us make the mistake of thinking that every illness or accident is covered. However, that isn’t always the case. Often, the small print outlines a range of conditions and situations where the company will be exempt from covering you.

Knowing what your health insurance policy includes is important. As if it doesn’t include everything that you need it to, you need to know. Even if your have a ‘comprehensive’ policy, that doesn’t mean that every medical condition is covered. So it’s important to spend some time working out exactly, what is covered by your policy.

To help you better understand what is covered under your health insurance here’s what you need to do.

Read your policy details

The simplest way you can find out what is and isn’t covered under your plan is by reading the details of your cover. These details would have been sent to you when you first took out your policy.

Locate your policy details and spend some time reading through them. Note down any conditions that you come across that aren’t covered, so that you can ask about these. It’s important that you read through your policy details before you need a medical bill covering so that you know what your insurer will pay for.

Find out if preventive care is covered

Many insurance companies fail to tell you, but don’t cover preventative medical care. Preventative medical care is tests that can detect illnesses and diseases early.

Having these covered on your health insurance is important, as it means that you can keep on top of your health, without worrying about the cost. If you are unsure as to whether these services are covered, it’s a good idea to contact your insurer.

Discover whether mental health treatment is included

Many health insurance plans don’t cover treatment for mental health problems, such as depression. Mental health issues affect one in three people, so it’s worth finding out whether treatment is covered by your insurer.

It’s best to ask these questions earlier rather than later, so that if you should need medical care, you know you have access to it. For example, if you were to become addicted to alcohol, you wouldn’t want to have to find out if insurance covers your rehab. You would want to know that it did, so that you could get yourself the help that you needed quickly.

Call your insurance company to discuss your policy

If there is anything that you are unhappy with about your policy, call your provider. Get in touch with your insurance provider and discuss your policy with them – you can ask to add certain conditions on, should you want to.

It’s easy to presume that your insurance policy covers every illness, but that’s not the case. Take the time to find out exactly, what your policy does and doesn’t cover. So that you know what medical expenses you will have to pay for, if you ever need medical treatment.